We where abandoned, alone and unwanted...we joined together and grew strong....we will grow and nothing will defeat us!
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 The ranks of the pack

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PostSubject: The ranks of the pack   Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:23 pm

Low (Unlimited)
Pup: TLxP     Teen: TLxT        Omega: TLxO   Rouge: TLxR

Medium (unlimited)
Hunter: TLxH      Warrior: TLxH             Scout: TLxS            Medic: TLxM
Assassin: TLxAS     Pup/Cub sitter: TLxPS    

High (earned)
*Delta: TLxD       *Beta: TDxB    *Alpha(s): TLxA        

Other high/medium (earned)
Shaman: TLxSH           Lead hunter: TLxLH                Lead Scout: TLxLH                 Lead Warrior: TLxLW
Lead Assassin: TLxLAS            Elder: TLxE

* =Female and male
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The ranks of the pack
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